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Mari the little seed

Mari the little seed

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'Mari, the little seed' as an idea has no legs and counts on help to know its destiny. A short story that aims to bring to children one of the values that Marielle Franco transmits: 'I am because we are'.

Through the intonation of the social movements' verse 'companion, help me because I can't walk alone, I'm fine alone, but with you I'm better', the collective female force personified in agents of Nature, awaken the reader to aspects of the necessary solidarity and affection for the establishment of the balance of a collective.

Thus, working with universal values in a playful way, opening up a variety of pedagogical approaches.


    Title: "Mari, the little seed"

    Author: Maíra dos Santos Oliveira

    Children's Literature - Afro-Brazilian Literature

    ISBN: 9788583558-045-4
    Portuguese language

    Edition year: 2018
    Edition: 1st

    *Release on 12/14/2018


    Deliveries with deadlines and specifications of the Post Office (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company)

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