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Educator with diverse background in Screenplay, Literature and Storytelling and expressive performance from Kindergarten to Graduate, focusing on the dialogue between currents of thought decolonies, construction of narratives and identity formation. For more information contact us.

Ujima Group: Black Storytellers and Children's Literature

ph: Barbara Dias

Created in 2017, the Ujima Group's main driving force, as the Black Educator Movement, is the continued training of educators and artists with a focus on African and black-Brazilian narratives, from the repertoire of Literature and Oraliture referenced to the dynamics of the Griôs . From this perspective, the Ujima Group proposes the development of the art of telling Black History and diving into this universe, which still needs to be unveiled and recognized

Course: Decolonial Narratives


The course mixes theory, analysis and an invitation to reflect on the concepts covered in expository and dialogued classes. Through debates and decoupage of audiovisual works, offering space for the presentation of researches that reflect on the relationship between cinemas, aesthetics and decolonial narratives. Offered at Roteiraria Escola de Roteiro, every six months.


  • Decolonization of thought – Can the subaltern film?

  • African and Black Diasporic Cinema(s): the reinvention of the world through poetics

  • Non-hegemonic narrative structures: towards a decolonized script

  • Speculative fictional narratives


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