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Yabá: Black Women


Yabá: Black Women is a theatrical show that questions the (r)existence of black women, bringing their writings to life on stage, through a dialogue with the audience led by 10 characters who assume the power of creation in themselves. From Earth to life itself, the voices of these women add to and echo everyday issues that personify the different possibilities of gestating, generating and creating beyond motherhood, making the “woman's place” more complex in the light of the feminine energies of the cosmogony Yoruba.

Text: Maíra Oliveira

Direction: Luiza Loroza

Idealization and co-direction: Rodrigo França

two fries


Fruit of an exercise in metalanguage, the theater show Duas Fridas was born to talk about female strengths, weaknesses, fears and anxieties based on experiences lived by the artists involved in the project.

With dramaturgy by Maíra Oliveira, direction by Gizelly de Paula and scenic orientation by Ana Kfouri, actresses Dayene Ruffo and Paula Lom reflect on women who give up or have their artisticity challenged by an often sexist and misogynist society. Such a balance, as the title already implies, is made against the background of the life of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (1907-1954), who often addressed issues such as feminism and equal rights, among others related to women.

“Duas Fridas” is not presented as a biography, but as the pulse of Latin American feminine artisticity.

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