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Black Narratives

Black Narratives

If you are concerned about black representation in Brazil, this book is for you! It was created to be read by women and men, children and adults, whites and blacks, Brazilians and foreigners, finally, for all those who believe in the struggle of black women.
The black community makes up more than half of the Brazilian population, but the stories of their struggles and participation in society are little known, remembered and studied in schools and universities. This absence of memories and stories in the learning spaces makes it impossible for the individuals in this group to construct positive identities.
To narrow it further, we find black women who hardly appear in textbooks and when they do appear they are mentioned without a proper name, thus, they do not play a leading role.
Who has never come across a book in which great women were included as “curiosities?
The prevailing question is: do you know the black women who participated in building our country? It can be political, cultural, religious or any other. How many could you think of?
If you have a hard time remembering, worry! A group of 33.3% out of 45 respondents managed to remember only one name out of a total of 8 mentioned personalities. They are names like Laudelina Campos de Melo, Dandara dos Palmares, Maria Felipa de Oliveira or Carolina de Jesus.

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