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Vertex: black writing

Vertex: black writing

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In the first half of 2018, the Black Literature and Literary Creation Workshops were held in the city of Rio de Janeiro with Prof. Simone Ricco (RJ) in order to provide an opportunity for young black people interested in learning a little more about the processes of literary creation and to know the historical contributions of black authors in Brazil in the last centuries.

The texts produced in these workshops were selected by an Editorial Board and became a book named: Vértice: black writings.

The anthology of Vértice: black writings organized by Moisés Guimarães and Simone Ricco includes the following authors who have been involved in this process since the Selection for the Black Literature Workshops, namely: Aza Noar, Ana Carolina Lacorte, Cecília Rita, Elis Pinto, Erickson dos Anjos Amaral, Fabiana Pereira, Gabriela Sousa, Isabela Godoi, Jaciara Nogueira, Jaqueline Òba, Jade Medeiros, Luciana Fernanda da Silva, Lu de Oliveira, Maíra dos Santos Oliveira , Marcela Gobatti, Rachel Marques Carvalho, Sheila Martins, Thaís Nascimento, Débora Nascimento, Otávio Augusto Pinheiro, Luciana Luz. In addition to the magnificent contribution and preface of the Academic Professor at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Fernanda Felisberto (UFRRJ).


    title: VERTICE: BLACK WRITING - 1st ED. (2019)
    isbn: 9788592736439
    specific segment: BRAZILIAN CONTO
    Portuguese language
    binding: brochure
    format: 13.8 x 21 x 0.7
    pages: 128
    year of edition: 2019
    copyright year: 2018
    edition: 1st


    Deliveries with deadlines and specifications of the Post Office (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company)

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